What You Can Do With The Genesis Connected Services App


Genesis Connected Services offers a collection of remote and driver assistance features for gasoline and electric vehicle owners. Most new cars come with connected services that let drivers make calls through the infotainment system, download and install software updates through a Wi-Fi connection, remotely start and stop the engine, and much more. Ford offers its SYNC software, Jaguar's system is called InControl, while Hyundai has Bluelink.

Just like its parent company Hyundai, Genesis has outlined its strategy for the transition to electric mobility. With nearly all manufacturers trying their hands at an electric model, Genesis’s electrification roadmap is a timely effort. The premium/luxury brand has confirmed that its next wave of vehicles starting in 2025 will come with only electric motors. Genesis has also pledged to become a carbon-neutral brand by 2035, a move similar to Polestar's ambitious 0 project that aims to create a vehicle with zero carbon emissions.

Just like the connected car service features available for other models, Genesis's portfolio of functions can be accessed via a smartphone app for iPhone and Android. One of the app's offerings is the Remote Start function which lets users only not start the car, but also set their preferred cabin temperature. Drivers can even choose to heat the steering wheel remotely. To make the experience better, drivers can program up to three different settings which they can use to control the car according to their preferences. The Genesis app can also detect and notify the driver of an open trunk or doors. It can also indicate whether the climate system or heated steering wheel function is active.

Genesis Connected Emergency Services

Genesis also offers safety services. The SOS Emergency and Roadside Assistance can be accessed through buttons on the rearview mirror. Tapping them can connect the driver with either emergency services or roadside assistance providers. Genesis adds that if it receives an emergency signal from the car, its team will attempt to confirm the emergency’s nature.

Once validated, it will forward the request to third-party responders to dispatch immediate help. Drivers are responsible for the responders’ fees. Genesis owners also get a diagnostic system that allows them to monitor the car’s health, schedule maintenance with reminders, and access real-time details about the vehicle's health. A subscription to Genesis' connected car service is free for the first five years.

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